Revel, St. Ferreol, Soreze

Revel is 35 minutes away. The most notable physical feature of Revel is its central square, which is partially covered by a 14th century roof, supported by wooden pillars and topped by a distinctive bell-tower. Every Saturday morning, a market is held in the square and surrounding streets. Walking through the town, you feel you have landed in old traditional France, and you may want to stop and take a cafe or pastis on a terrace to enjoy the buzz.

Another distinctive building is the large, Gothic-style town church of Notre-Dame, just south of the central square.

Just south of Revel, where the land begins to slope upwards into the  Montagne Noire regional park, is the Lac de Saint-Ferréol, a man-made lake dating from the seventeenth century which is linked to the Canal du Midi, and for some time has been enjoyed by local residents and tourists as a place for walking, sunbathing, picnicking etc.

Soreze is a favourite stop for those on the ‘Saint Jacques de Compostelle‘ after Maison Josephine that is ! It has a glass museum, 12th century Abbeys and is an excellent area for outdoor walks.